Light language quantum healing session

During this personalized 1:1 online session over Zoom, you’ll be experiencing the healing and activating powers of Light Language Quantum Healing (LLQH) which encompasses Light Language, Light Codes and Quantum Healing.

I will be working with your Higher Self(s) and bringing in Source Codes to assist with clearing any blockages that’s causing you discomfort or are stopping you from accessing your highest timeline.

That clearing can be physical, emotional, mental or energetic. In this, or other lifetimes, in your biological and/or spiritual ancestral lines, earthly, galactic, cosmic and possible karmic themes. I will also repair or strengthen your aura layers and multi-dimensional structure where necessary, or reconnect where necessary.

 I will then bring in Light Codes that will activate and help you remember the power and wisdom,  you possess within so that you can move forward in your journey and manifest your goals with ease, grace and flow. I will also give you advice how to integrate the outcome of the session in daily life.

You will receive

During this private session, you and I will set the intention of what it is you’d like to achieve.  I’ll then do an energetic assessment by tapping into your energy and connect with your Higher Self(s) picking up any messages and clearing any blockages they’d like me to work on that are preventing you from moving forward and achieving your goals. 

I will then proceed to channel light language vocally as well as using hand gestures to weave light codes and release dense energy out of your body, bring in and place new codes to support the healing intention and codes (info) needed for the next steps of your journey and evolution.

All energies channeled are always of the purest intentions for your highest good. After the energy work, we can discuss the session and share any additional messages. I will give you advice how to integrate the outcome of the session in daily life.

Session length: 1,5 hour. Online with video or live without
Fee: 99 Euro

You can experience

We will be shifting lots of energy during this session so it is common to experience some of these physical sensations: All of these are normal and highly encouraged since these help your body transmute and release any dense energy that are no longer serving you and make room for new light codes to settle in and support you moving forward.

  • Soft tingles all over the body (energy moving through)
  • Feeling abnormally hot or cold
  • Strange sensations in the body (twitching, pulsating)
  • Physical releases such as yawning, crying, shaking, sweating, sneezing, coughing, farting, dancing and laughing.

Take your time after the session for integration. It’s normal the shifts in energy require rest and time. You can feel tired and emotional for a few hours or longer, up to a week. This will not be permanent! Most people say they sleep deep after a session

This is for you if …

  • you have been feeling stagnant and are ready and willing to commit to deep energetic healing and transformation. 
  • you are ready to take the next step on your energetic and evolutionary journey 
  • you are on a journey of inner healing, spiritual development & the exploration of your own awareness

My mission

My mission is to awaken your true self by unlocking your natural psychic and healing abilities through her innovative Quantum Light Language Healing modality.

I am  dedicated to demystifying and normalizing Light Language, making it accessible, and empowering individuals to embrace their essence and realign with their soul’s purpose.

I work with Source, my multidimensional galactic higher selves and your higher self to assist your highest evolution and transformation 


  • I felt that whatever you said you were doing, you were really doing. Which doesn’t always happen in healings for me.
  • This was the best light language transmission I have received so far! It felt so pure and It connected to me on a very deep soul level.
  • I can feel emotions and I can feel vibrations going through my body. It was amazing and I’m just loving every moment of life since then.
  • The Source Light Codes you inserted in my being are tangible, and assisting in opening & empowering a new reality for me. Thank you thank you thank you!
  • Great that you recorded our session and I am able to practice on my Light language to let it flow and grow! Thank you again for the amazing work you do!


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